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Watch how to apply the corrective brace to a foal



 Foal can be sadated if necessary


 Foal can be laying down or standing up


 Present the open brace to the limb to asses amount of bandaging to be used.


Always bangage limb to make it fit


Put more bandaging in the long bones ( Radius, cannon bone and pastern) and less around articulations (fetlocks and knees) as these stuctures are more sensitive to pressure


Put the brace with the limb flexed


 First close lower part of brace and fast the velcro straps


 close upper part of brace and fast the straps


 Extend the limb as much as you can and fasten rope into clamcleat


 let the foal bear weight and walk around


 Make readjustments


 leave the brace on for only a few hours at a time ( 3-5 hs) depending on each case


 Always use the REDBOOTS under the supervision of a veterinarian



Using the REDBOOTs is simple. They are meant to be used by vets, horse care takers and owners. The foals get used to them quiclky. Each case will be different. Start by using them for short periods of time and increase it gradually. You can mange a bilateral case with one brace by alternating its use on each leg at a time. Ask your vet for guidance or feel free to contact us for assitance. We are glad to help.
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