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 By Agustin Almanza



My name is Agustin Almanza, I am an equine veterinarian

who grew up among horses in the Argentinian Pampas.

After several years of work in Lexington, Kentucky,

I developed the first orthopedic devices at the request of leading veterinarians

such as Larry Bramlage and the Equine clinics there in 2000. 


I completed my specialization in Equine Surgery and Internal Medicine at the Atlantic veterinary College in Canada and Equine Ultrasonography at UCDavis, California. I was then headhunted to work in Europe and Asia in a leading practice attending some of the best showjumpers and dressage horses in the world for several years.


I established REDBOOT in 2007 and since then I´ve been helping managing foals and horses with deviated limbs, fractures and even amputations. Redboot Products are use worldwide and I´m always seeking for constant innovation.


I Live in Buenos Aires with my wife Laura, Cande and Tatiana, where I run my practice doing mainly consulting Lameness diagnostics and advanced treatments work  for the equine industry locally and worldwide.  I am passionate about Polo and Racehorses. I enjoy spending time with my family and Iam a passionate windsurfer.


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